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The Keith Berman AACI Israel Scholarship was established to enable young adults, ages 17-21, to study and volunteer in Israel in order to deepen their connection to Judaism and Zionism while also fostering personal growth through a long-term, educational program.


Scholarships will be awarded on the combined basis of merit and financial need and may be used towards tuition for Aardvark Israel, the program founded by Keith in 2010 and which he directed until his untimely death.  Participants of other Masa-affiliated programs in Israel may be eligible as determined by the scholarship committee.


In order to be eligible for the Keith Berman AACI Israel Scholarship, candidates must demonstrate financial need and have also applied for a Masa needs-based scholarship in addition to any funding which is available through the applicant's local Jewish Community.


Applications are not currently being accepted for funding.


How to Apply


Submit the following documents by email to:


  1. Application Form (click here to download the form)

  2. Personal Statement indicating why you wish to spend time in Israel

  3. Tuition Invoice from the Israel Program you plan to attend

  4. Proof of financial need (first page of family's tax return, statement from your accountant, or other similar official document)

  5. Photo which may be used if you are awarded a scholarship.




  • The application must be written by the applicant and submitted from the applicant's email account, not by anyone else on their behalf.

  • All application materials must be submitted together via email ( with the subject line "Scholarship Application"

  • Confidentiality of all application materials will be protected.

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